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Lightning Community Resources

Discover the latest tricks and tips to help you develop AI faster with the Lightning Platform.

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    Finetuning LLMs on a Single GPU Using Gradient Accumulation
    Accelerate PyTorch Code with Fabric
    Introduction to Lightning Fabric
    Training Compiled PyTorch 2.0 with PyTorch Lightning

    Lightning Releases

    Introducing PyTorch Lightning 2.0 and Fabric
    Lightning 1.8: Colossal-AI, Secrets for Apps, and more
    Lightning 1.7: Apple Silicon, Multi-GPU and more
    Lightning 1.6: Habana Accelerator, Bagua Distributed, Fault-Tolerance Improvements

    Community Discussions

    Are Consistency Models the Next Big Thing?
    Microsoft’s Kosmos-1 Claims to Solve IQ Tests and OpenAI Introduces ChatGPT and Whisper APIs
    Why Google’s Researchers are Intentionally Poisoning Datasets and More
    AI Just Flew a Fighter Jet for 17 Hours, Commanded Super Mario Bros and More


    Be the First to Know: Lightning Open Source Launch
    Train Machine Learning Models with Synthetic Data
    PyTorch Team at Lightning – Welcome Mike Ruberry
    Protected: Watch On Demand: Reduce Infrastructure Cost by Moving Beyond MLOps


    Using DeepSpeed to Optimize Models
    How to Evaluate Machine Learning Models Becomes Lightning AI
    PyTorch Lightning and the Future of Open Source AI

    Case Studies

    Transfer Learning Techniques: Revolutionizing Time Series Forecasting with Lightning
    Scaling Accelerated Drug Discovery with Grid
    University of British Columbia uses
    Solving Complex Macroeconomic Problems With Machine Learning
    Using Grid to Deliver Models Into Production 50% Faster