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Lightning AI Joins AI Alliance To Advance Open, Safe, Responsible AI

Company Joins International Community of AI Organizations, Led by IBM and Meta, That Includes Leading Startups, Academia, Research and Government Organizations

Lightning AI, the company behind PyTorch Lightning, today announced it has joined the AI Alliance, which includes more than 50 leading organizations across industries that are coming together to support open AI research, development, innovation and science.

Lightning AI has supported open source AI since 2019 by building and making public PyTorch Lightning, torchmetrics, lit-gpt and lit-llama, enterprise-grade tools available to the general developer community. These tools have set new standards for training foundation models at scale and are behind many of the generative AI products in use today.  The company has also supported the PyTorch and AI community with free online courses, AI education at scale, and has provided support to research organizations via compute grants.

In accordance with the Alliance, Lightning AI believes that open and transparent innovation is essential to effectively advance AI that prioritizes safety, diversity, economic opportunity and benefits for everyone. In joining the Alliance, Lightning AI is furthering its mission of supporting open source artificial intelligence development. 

“As a longtime advocate for open source adoption, Lightning AI is in complete alignment with the AI Alliance in supporting transparent and responsible innovation,” said Will Falcon, founder and CEO of Lightning AI. “We look forward to working with the other AI Alliance members to advocate for safe and open AI for the advancement of enterprise transformations, society and humanity.”

About Lightning AI

Lightning AI is the company behind PyTorch Lightning, the deep learning framework of choice for developers and companies seeking to build and deploy AI products. A lightweight and high-performance open source framework for training AI models that dramatically boosts developers’ productivity, PyTorch Lightning has already been downloaded more than 90 million times.