Introducing Lit-GPT: Hackable implementation of open-source large language models released under Apache 2.0 →

Lightning Community Resources

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    Optimizing LLMs from a Dataset Perspective
    The NeurIPS 2023 LLM Efficiency Challenge Starter Guide
    How to build a chatbot using open-source LLMs like Llama 2 and Falcon
    Tabular Classification with Lightning

    Lightning Releases

    Introducing PyTorch Lightning 2.0 and Fabric
    Lightning 1.8: Colossal-AI, Secrets for Apps, and more
    Lightning 1.7: Apple Silicon, Multi-GPU and more
    Lightning 1.6: Habana Accelerator, Bagua Distributed, Fault-Tolerance Improvements

    Community Discussions

    How Military Veterans Can Get into AI
    The Ultimate Battle of Language Models: Lit-LLaMA vs GPT3.5 vs Bloom vs …
    Why We’re Building Lit-LLaMA
    Are Consistency Models the Next Big Thing?


    Torchmetrics v1.2
    Stability AI announced SDXL 1.0 – Trained using PyTorch Lightning
    NeurIPS LLM Efficiency Challenge
    Torchmetrics v1.0: Visualize model performance with 100+ metrics


    Optimizing LLMs from a Dataset Perspective
    When to Use PyTorch Lightning or Lightning Fabric
    The NeurIPS 2023 LLM Efficiency Challenge Starter Guide
    TorchMetrics — a short history to 100+ metrics

    Case Studies

    Distributed Training for Personalized Recommendations
    Transfer Learning Techniques: Revolutionizing Time Series Forecasting with Lightning
    Scaling Accelerated Drug Discovery with Grid
    University of British Columbia uses
    Solving Complex Macroeconomic Problems With Machine Learning