What's wrong with the pytorch lighting doc

I can’t see any details of each option in the navigation menu. It’s hard to learn from this document without navigation buttons like on_train_start, on_save_checkpoint, etc

Do the links not work for you? The mentions in the page about hooks like on_train_start etc. should probably link to the API reference, is this what you are saying?

Thanks for your reply. I mean, it used to have some hook names which link to the API detail page. But now, I can’t see any hook names on the right side of the web page under the Lightningmodule API
It should look like this

Training Loop

Lightningmodule API

It seems that I can’t see the sub menu below the Lightningmodule API thing.

You are right, I think this is a configuration setting somewhere in the docs build tool. I took a quick look but couldn’t find the proper option to enable a deeper nesting for the menu.
We will find a way to fix it, thanks for reporting.

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@Mo-Junyang This is now fixed in the latest docs version.

Thank you for notifying us!