Pytorch Lightning cli : modify callback

I use lightning cli with a config file :

config file :

**  - class_path: pytorch_lightning.callbacks.ModelCheckpoint**
**    init_args:**
**      save_top_k: 1**
**      filename: "best"**
**      save_last: true**
**      monitor: my_metric**
**      verbose: true**
**      save_on_train_epoch_end: true**
**      every_n_epochs: 30**
**      mode: max**
**      save_weights_only: false**

**  - class_path: pytorch_lightning.callbacks.LearningRateMonitor**
**  - class_path: pytorch_lightning.callbacks.RichProgressBar**

I would like to modify ModelCheckpoint.init_args.every_n_epoch but I have only access to the cli command line. How I am supposed to do it?



Same problem. It seems to me that the only option is to override this Callback with desired args (of course with redundant existing args). Can anyone help with this?