What steps have you taken to resolve the ‘Invalid number (support code: 09332104)’ error you encountered while trying to verify your phone number in Lightning AI Studio?

Hey, I’m trying to verify my phone number in Lightning AI studio. My number is like REDACTED. But when I punch in the number, I get this annoying error: “Invalid number (support code: 09332104)”. What’s up with that?


i have the same issue


I faced the same issue

I have the same issue

I think your best action is to ask on the Lightning Discord in the lightning-ai-studio channel. I think you might get that error if Lightning AI is not yet available in your country.

getting same error. Is there any solution??

Please allow smooth enrolling.

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I am having the same issue in Pakistan.

Same here, getting the same error with US phone number. for other country it works but I never get the SMS message.

Unable to register Invalid number (support code: 09332104)

same here, is there a solution?

Same with both a US and UK number

let me next step, please!

Same here in Singapore. Any solution?

Is there any solution for this?? Did anyone contact [email protected] for this matter? I get same error with Spanish number.