Can't verify Polish phone number after registration

Hey, I have just signed in but I can’t verify account with my valid phone number - try anything from PLAY number list:

like +48 531 123 545

(Please enter valid phone number…) → Latest Chrome OSX

Hey @thefex
To clarify, are you trying to verify your phone number for the account? I’ll reach out in our team so someone can help.

yes indeed.
It is also very difficult to find any support on
I’d say investing in basic livechat support (even if response time are high) could be beneficial.

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We are checking on this


This is response from your API:

{“code”:3, “message”:“Status: 403 - ApiError 60605: The destination phone number has been blocked by Verify Geo-Permissions. PL is blocked for sms channel for all services (null) More info: Error 60605 | Twilio”, “details”:}

Seems like you have Poland disabled in twilio config?