No Free Credits as a free User

Hello everyone , I am sorry if this is note the category or the place where I should post this , I am a new User and I didn’t got my monthly 15 credits , is there something I should do before or Any way to claim them ?
Thank you

hey! you should’ve gotten them inputted directly into your first teamspace that was automatically generated. could you shoot me a screenshot of what you see when you navigate to “home”

also what is your lightning username or the email on your account?

Oh i just noticed it was workspace related , i was working in a new created one , thank you for your answer

glad it’s all sorted!

Thank you for reaching back to me , everything’s sorted now .

I have the Same issue. and even can NOT launch studio.

Happy to help, can you share your Lightning username or email?

thx. username is liu969.

I’m seeing that you have multiple accounts on my end, does that sound familiar?

you mean two organizations? I tried to create the one named demo-k.

No I mean 3 separate accounts with different emails.

Can you do me a favor - try logging in with your email ending in * by clicking the “Email” auth option and let me know what happens?

I received the login auth email with the following link:

Lightning AI

by clicking the link, login successed. anything wrong?

If you’re able to log in then nothing is wrong – if you have any more issues please write in to [email protected]

Hey Neil, I am encountering the same issue, I have only one automatically instantiated studio and there I have no free credits. My username is wgautier269. What are my next steps?