How to access the returned values of *_step()

hey,guys , I got a question when overriding LightningModule, the newest version deleted _epoch_end functions , but remain the return in all the _step() functions. Now how to access the returned values of the *_step() functions, ,like training_step(), validation_step(), test_step()?

Developers had deleted *_epoch_end() funcions, but left the return operations in *_step(), why?

Hi @onbigion13

For example, here in the release notes in the section “The *_epoch_end hooks were removed” you find an explanation for “why it was removed” and how you can access your outputs now.

I’ll include the code snippet here as well:

import lightning as L

class LitModel(L.LightningModule):
    def __init__(self):
        # 1. Create a list to hold the outputs of `*_step`
        self.bananas = []
    def training_step(self, batch, batch_idx):
        # 2. Add the outputs to the list
        # You should be aware of the implications on memory usage
        return loss
    # 3. Rename the hook to `on_*_epoch_end`
    def on_train_epoch_end(self):
        # 4. Do something with all outputs
        avg_banana =
        # Don't forget to clear the memory for the next epoch!

but left the return operations in *_step(), why?

We can’t really “remove” the return operation, but for training_step it is mandatory to return the loss for backpropagation.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: