How can I start quest?

I cant find the use button…

When you are on the home page in your account, you should see a “Studios” tab here:

You can then explore studios and “duplicate” them. The name of the button changed though, it’s not “Use” anymore.

Thanks for your reply, I can duplicate the studio, but I can not start the quest or finish the quest, what should I do?

Which quest is this? I actually can’t see and find what you have in the screenshot.
Would you mind sending a screenshot or video so I can share it with the team? Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello , I can help . Just click on “Studios” on top of website and “Tutorials” on left side , you will see the quest .

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I can’t duplicate the template. it is giving me this message.

I have a teamspace which is given default and it is empty now. I deleted the default studio present in that. I am on free tier obviously.
Hope you guys can help
actually I can’t even understand what is meant by this message, I am new to this

is it referring to my user account, because I had an issue with having two account for the same mail id due to different Oauth type login. both are active till now.

Hi, I have very similar problems. I logged in with email A, linked my github account, and then logged in using github, not email. On github, I have email B as a primary one, so Lightning Studios created a second account…
On account with email B (logging in with Github), I cannot run any studio and my homepage doesn’t exist. In contrast, on account with email A (logging by email with Github connected), I can run every studio, but my credits disappeared. I cannot see how many I have and I cannot buy more while running a studio. I can see the credits on the forums page, but not on others… (I just saw it now)

I can’t fix it, could you guys help us? I think we face the same core issue

edit: wow, I appear hear as kordc (github account) but I’m logged in with email A. Such a mess :frowning:

Hello guys! I´m having trouble clicking on the checkmarks of the first quest. After a while I decided to finish all steps of the quest and click the complete button (thinking it would check automagically) but no luck. Are the quests broken or I´m really missing something.

Same here, i’ve finished the first quest ‘Quest 1 - Run an AI web app that annotates images’ but i cant ‘complete’ the quest to get my credits :frowning:

I tried clicking on the checkmarks but seems like it did not register ? i thought it’ll automatically run through my files to see whether i actually did all of those things but that wasnt the case. Really need those extra credits tho.