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Inference in Production

PyTorch Lightning eases the process of deploying models into production.

Exporting to ONNX

PyTorch Lightning provides a handy function to quickly export your model to ONNX format, which allows the model to be independent of PyTorch and run on an ONNX Runtime.

To export your model to ONNX format call the to_onnx function on your Lightning Module with the filepath and input_sample.

filepath = "model.onnx"
model = SimpleModel()
input_sample = torch.randn((1, 64))
model.to_onnx(filepath, input_sample, export_params=True)

You can also skip passing the input sample if the ` example_input_array ` property is specified in your LightningModule.

Once you have the exported model, you can run it on your ONNX runtime in the following way:

ort_session = onnxruntime.InferenceSession(filepath)
input_name = ort_session.get_inputs()[0].name
ort_inputs = {input_name: np.random.randn(1, 64).astype(np.float32)}
ort_outs = ort_session.run(None, ort_inputs)

Exporting to TorchScript

TorchScript allows you to serialize your models in a way that it can be loaded in non-Python environments. The LightningModule has a handy method to_torchscript() that returns a scripted module which you can save or directly use.

model = SimpleModel()
script = model.to_torchscript()

# save for use in production environment
torch.jit.save(script, "model.pt")

It is recommended that you install the latest supported version of PyTorch to use this feature without limitations.