Cloud Training

Lightning makes it easy to scale your training, without the boilerplate. If you want to train your models on the cloud, without dealing with engineering infrastructure and servers, you can try

Developed by the creators of PyTorch Lightning, Grid is a platform that allows you to:

  • Scale your models to multi-GPU and multiple nodes instantly with interactive sessions

  • Run Hyperparameter Sweeps on 100s of GPUs in one command

  • Upload huge datasets for availability at scale

  • Iterate faster and cheaper, you only pay for what you need

Training on Grid

You can launch any Lightning model on Grid using the Grid CLI:

grid run --instance_type v100 --gpus 4 --gpus 4 --learning_rate 'uniform(1e-6, 1e-1, 20)' --layers '[2, 4, 8, 16]'

You can also start runs or interactive sessions from the Grid platform, where you can upload datasets, view artifacts, view the logs, the cost, log into tensorboard, and so much more.

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