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Community Event Guideline

At Lightning AI, we encourage the community to host events and give presentations. While we will support you in every way possible, such events also provide a good opportunity for you to build your presence on social media and establish your personal brand as a subject matter expert in Machine Learning.

In order to deliver an effective and on-brand event with the support of Lightning AI, we have created this style guide.

General Guideline:

  • A presentation can be given in different formats including but not limited to – a conference, workshop, panel discussion, livestream, webinar, and networking events.
  • We will share brand assets for Lightning AI branding – slide theme and brand assets.
  • We encourage you to share feedback with us after the event so we can continue to improve our support and services for community events.
  • Please share the event link or recording if available.
  • We understand that you are mature enough to respect others and discourage any such behavior that can hurt someone physically or mentally.
  • We do encourage keeping the event presentations based on a theme or a specific topic that benefits the audience.
    For example, an event on “Training image segmentation with PyTorch Lightning” or “building LLMs with Fabric” gives a more clear sense of what the event is about than “Training with PyTorch Lightning”.

Support from Lightning AI

  • We will support you in the promotion of the event after reviewing the presentation materials.
  • You can also request Lightning AI swags for you and attendees for in-person events.
  • Based on availability, someone from the Lightning AI team can attend the event or stand by virtually for any help.
  • We can help you guide selecting a topic for the presentation and with slides/code/materials for the event.
  • If you need any technical assistance or equipment for the event, please let us know in advance so we can prepare accordingly.
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out on Discord if you need any help!