Logging metrics wrt epochs

I am using PL with wandb. I am trying to log metrics WRT to epochs, but the wandb.

Logging is in this fashion on_step=False, on_epoch=True, but in the dashboard, all the logging is wrt to steps, which is not desirable.

How do I fix this?

All I want is, log wrt to epochs, not steps. X-axis epoch, Y-axis Metric

This step-based logging is causing issues when I try to summarize the runs.

This is relatively easy to achieve. Simply log the epoch number to wandb like this:

self.log("epoch", self.current_epoch)

in addition to your other metrics. Then in wandb in your dashboard, you can select “epoch” from the dropdown menu as your x-axis, either globally for all your plots or for individual plots.


I did not notice that!

Works like a charm now.


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