EarlyStopping can't access learning rate logs from LearningRateMonitor

Hi everybody,

new to Lightning so this question might sound a little naive (sorry about that).
I have a training script performing a straight image classification task.
I’m using a ReduceLROnPlateau scheduler and I would like to stop the training if the learning rate reaches a minimum value.
To do that, I tried inserting an EarlyStopping(monitor='lr', mode='min', stopping_threshold=min_lr_value) callback, logging the learning rate with a LearningRateMonitor.
However, the training fails after the first epoch with the following error:

RuntimeError: Early stopping conditioned on metric `lr` which is not available. Pass in or modify your `EarlyStopping` callback to use any of the following: `train_loss`, `val_loss`

The learning rate gets correctly logged on Wandb though with the lr nametag.
Am I missing something? Or do I have to explicitly log each metric of interest for the EarlyStopping callback to be able to monitor it?
Thanks for any help you can give me!

The learning rate monitor callback logs the values directly to the logger. It doesn’t register it as a “monitored” value in Lightning. So the EarlyStopping can’t check it.

To make this work, you could self.log("lr", learning_rate) the learning rate yourself and then reference it in the EarlyStopping callback. This is probably the easiest way.

Your use case could also be a good feature request for lightning.

Hi @awaelchli, thanks for the reply!
I guess logging the learning rate myself can do the trick for now, but I agree that this feature might come in handy for someone else.
Does Lightning have a specific guideline for feature requests? Like opening an issue/pull request on GitHub or here on the forum?
Thank you again for your help!

Yes, a feature request on GitHub would be the best :smiley:, using the FeatureRequest button here.

It contains a simple form with some basic questions.

@awaelchli I made a feature request following your suggestion.
Thanks again for the help!

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