Loops (Advanced)

Persisting the State of Loops


This is an experimental feature and is not activated by default. Set the environment variable PL_FAULT_TOLERANT_TRAINING = 1 to enable saving the progress of loops. Read more about fault-tolerant training.

A powerful property of the class-based loop interface is that it can own an internal state. Loop instances can save their state to the checkpoint through corresponding hooks and if implemented accordingly, resume the state of execution at the appropriate place. This design is particularly interesting for fault-tolerant training which is an experimental feature released in Lightning v1.5.

The two hooks on_save_checkpoint() and on_load_checkpoint() function very similarly to how LightningModules and Callbacks save and load state.

def on_save_checkpoint(self):
    state_dict["iteration"] = self.iteration
    return state_dict

def on_load_checkpoint(self, state_dict):
    self.iteration = state_dict["iteration"]

When the Trainer is restarting from a checkpoint (e.g., through, the loop exposes a boolean attribute restarting. Based around the value of this variable, the user can write the loop in such a way that it can restart from an arbitrary point given the state loaded from the checkpoint. For example, the implementation of the reset() method could look like this given our previous example:

def reset(self):
    if not self.restarting:
        self.iteration = 0

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