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Sharing my components

Audience: Users who want to know how to share component.

Level: Basic

Why should I consider sharing my components ?

Lightning is community driven and its core objective is to make AI accessible to everyone.

By creating components and sharing them with everyone else, the barrier to entry will be go down.

How should I organize my components ?

By design, Lightning components are nested to form component trees where the LightningFlows are its branches and LightningWorks are its leaves.

This design has two primary advantages:

  • This help users to organize and maintain their code with more ease.

  • This help creating an ecosystem with re-usable components.

Now, imagine you have implemented a KerasScriptRunner component for training any Keras model with Tensorboard UI integrated.

Here are the best practices steps before sharing the component:

  • Testing: Ensure your component is well tested by following the Productionize your Apps guide.

  • Documented: Ensure your component has docstring and comes with some usage explications.


As a Lightning user, it helps to implement your components thinking someone else is going use them.

How should I proceed to share components ?

Once your component is ready, create a PiPy package with your own library and then it can be re-used by anyone else.

Here is a Component Template from William Falcon to guide your component