PyTorch Profiling with TensorBoard: cannot get trace-level information

Hi there,
I am instantiating a Trainer and providing an instance of PyTorchProfiler in the profiler argument. Profiling information indeed gets generated and I am able to view it in TensorBoard.

But no matter what I do, the Trace view (which can be selected in TensorBoard->PyTorch Profiler->Views) does not get populated.

I am looking for the detailed profiling information as in this example from the PyTorch Profiler with TensorBoard tutorial:

Does anyone know how to make the PyTorch profile emit this information when using PyTorch Lightning? Thank you!

Here’s an example of how I’m creating the profiler:

profiler = PyTorchProfiler(activities=[torch.profiler.ProfilerActivity.CUDA, torch.profiler.ProfilerActivity.CPU],
trainer = pl.Trainer(<various Trainer options>, profiler=profiler)