Changing Python Version Lightning studio

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working with Lightning Studio and need some assistance on how to switch the Python version within the environment. My projects require specific versions of Python due to dependency constraints, and I’m looking for the best practices or tips on how to effectively manage this change.

Could anyone who has experience with Lightning Studio share their insights on the following:

  1. What are the steps to change the Python version in Lightning Studio?
  2. Are there any common issues I might encounter during this process?
  3. How can I ensure that all dependencies are compatible with the new Python version?

I appreciate any guidance or resources you can provide that might help with this transition.

Thank you!

Please this setup to change python version

When I visit the Studio environment page, the “Python version:” section never loads. When I try to run Python in the terminal I see I’m running 3.10.10 but I’m looking to run another version - any ideas on what might be the issue?