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Start from Ready-to-Run Template Apps

In return, you can benefit from the work of others and get started faster by re-using a ready-to-run App close to your own use case.

User Workflow

  1. Visit the App Gallery and look for an App close to your own use case.

  2. If Launch is available, it means the App is live and ready to be used! Take it for a spin.

    Launch Button on lightning.ai
  3. By clicking Clone & Run, a copy of the App is added to your account and an instance starts running.

  4. If you found an App that matches what you need, move to step 5! Otherwise, go back to step 1.

  5. Copy the installation command (optionally from the clipboard on the right).

    Install command on lightning.ai
  6. Copy the command to your local terminal.

    lightning install app lightning/hackernews-app
  7. Go through the installation steps.

  8. Run the App locally.

    cd LAI-Hackernews-App
    lightning run app app.py

  9. Open the code with your favorite IDE, modify it, and run it back in the cloud.

Next Steps