class, entrypoint_file=None, start_server=True, host='', port=7501, processes=<factory>, threads=<factory>, work_runners=<factory>, done=False, backend='cloud', env_vars=<factory>, secrets=<factory>, run_app_comment_commands=False, enable_basic_auth='')[source]

Bases: lightning_app.runners.runtime.Runtime

static _check_uploaded_folder(root, repo)[source]

This method is used to inform the users if their folder files are large and how to filter them.

Return type



This utility implements a minimal version of the cluster selection logic used in the cloud.

TODO: This should be requested directly from the platform.

Return type


_project_has_sufficient_credits(project, app=None)[source]

check if user has enough credits to run the app with its hardware if app is not passed return True if user has 1 or more credits.

dispatch(name='', cluster_id=None, open_ui=True, **kwargs)[source]

Method to dispatch and run the LightningApp in the cloud.

Return type


classmethod load_app_from_file(filepath)[source]

Load a LightningApp from a file, mocking the imports.

Return type