Lightning Governance

This document describes governance processes we follow in developing PyTorch Lightning.

Persons of Interest


Role: All final decisions related to Lightning.


Emeritus Maintainers


Project Management and Decision Making

The decision what goes into a release is governed by the maintainers of lightning.pytorch. Whenever possible, discussion happens publicly on GitHub and includes the whole community. For controversial changes, it is mandatory to seek consultation from BDFL for a final decision. When a consensus is reached, maintainers assign milestones and labels to the issue and/or pull request and start tracking the development. It is possible that priorities change over time.

Commits to the project are exclusively to be added by pull requests on GitHub and anyone in the community is welcome to review them. However, reviews submitted by code owners have higher weight and it is necessary to get the approval of code owners before a pull request can be merged. Additional requirements may apply case by case.