Source code for lightning_fabric.plugins.collectives.collective

from abc import ABC, abstractmethod
from typing import Any, List, Optional

from torch import Tensor
from typing_extensions import Self

from lightning_fabric.utilities.types import CollectibleGroup

[docs]class Collective(ABC): """Interface for collective operations. Supports communications between multiple processes and multiple nodes. A collective owns a group. .. warning:: This API is experimental and subject to change """ def __init__(self) -> None: self._group: Optional[CollectibleGroup] = None @property @abstractmethod def rank(self) -> int: ... @property @abstractmethod def world_size(self) -> int: ... @property def group(self) -> CollectibleGroup: if self._group is None: raise RuntimeError( f"`{type(self).__name__}` does not own a group. HINT: try `collective.create_group().group`" ) return self._group @abstractmethod def broadcast(self, tensor: Tensor, src: int) -> Tensor: ... @abstractmethod def all_reduce(self, tensor: Tensor, op: str) -> Tensor: ... @abstractmethod def reduce(self, tensor: Tensor, dst: int, op: str) -> Tensor: ... @abstractmethod def all_gather(self, tensor_list: List[Tensor], tensor: Tensor) -> List[Tensor]: ... @abstractmethod def gather(self, tensor: Tensor, gather_list: List[Tensor], dst: int = 0) -> List[Tensor]: ... @abstractmethod def scatter(self, tensor: Tensor, scatter_list: List[Tensor], src: int = 0) -> Tensor: ... @abstractmethod def reduce_scatter(self, output: Tensor, input_list: List[Tensor], op: str) -> Tensor: ... @abstractmethod def all_to_all(self, output_tensor_list: List[Tensor], input_tensor_list: List[Tensor]) -> List[Tensor]: ... @abstractmethod def send(self, tensor: Tensor, dst: int, tag: int = 0) -> None: ... @abstractmethod def recv(self, tensor: Tensor, src: Optional[int] = None, tag: int = 0) -> Tensor: ... @abstractmethod def barrier(self, device_ids: Optional[List[int]] = None) -> None: ... @classmethod @abstractmethod def is_available(cls) -> bool: ... @classmethod @abstractmethod def is_initialized(cls) -> bool: ... @classmethod @abstractmethod def init_group(cls, **kwargs: Any) -> None: ... @classmethod @abstractmethod def new_group(cls, **kwargs: Any) -> CollectibleGroup: ... @classmethod @abstractmethod def destroy_group(cls, group: CollectibleGroup) -> None: ... @classmethod @abstractmethod def _convert_to_native_op(cls, op: str) -> Any: ... def setup(self, **kwargs: Any) -> Self: if not self.is_initialized(): self.init_group(**kwargs) return self
[docs] def create_group(self, **kwargs: Any) -> Self: """Create a group. This assumes that :meth:`~lightning_fabric.plugins.collectives.Collective.init_group` has been called already by the user. """ if self._group is not None: raise RuntimeError(f"`{type(self).__name__}` already owns a group.") self._group = self.new_group(**kwargs) return self
def teardown(self) -> Self: if self._group is None: raise RuntimeError(f"`{type(self).__name__}` does not own a group to destroy.") self.destroy_group(self._group) self._group = None return self

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