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Train on the cloud (expert)

Audience: Corporate or academic users who want to run on their Company or University private cloud account.

Run on your own cloud or cluster

If you have access to a corporate or academic cluster, you can simply submit jobs that run Lightning models and lightning will automatically work. Please refer to Clusters guide for more information.

Run on your own cloud (hassle free)

Cluster training can get complicated once you start doing multi-node training, fault-tolerant training or sweeps. If you’d prefer to not deal with any of the hassles of running on your own cloud environments, lightning-grid enables University and Enterprise customers to run on the cloud with their own credentials or even onprem.

These are some of the benefits of running via lightning-grid:

  • create datasets optimized for scale

  • fully configurable on-prem deployment

  • SOC-2 compliance (in-progress) (ETA Q3 2022)

  • micro cost optimizations everywhere (which add up)

  • built-in fault tolerance

  • enabled collaboration for teams and enterprises

Contact our sales support engineering team so we can help you set up Grid with your own cloud credentials.

Email us to connect with your own cloud account:


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