Installation with pip

Install any supported version of PyTorch if you want from PyTorch Installation Page. Now you can install using pip using the following command:

pip install pytorch-lightning

Installation with Conda

If you don’t have conda installed, follow the Conda Installation Guide. Lightning can be installed with conda using the following command:

conda install pytorch-lightning -c conda-forge

You can also use Conda Environments:

conda activate my_env
conda install pytorch-lightning -c conda-forge

Installation from Source

Install nightly from the source. Note that it contains all the bug fixes and newly released features that are not published yet. This is the bleeding edge, so use it at your own discretion.

pip install

Install future patch releases from the source. Note that the patch release contains only the bug fixes for the recent major release.

pip install

Lightning Coverage

PyTorch Lightning is maintained and tested on different Python and PyTorch versions.

Check out the CI Coverage for more info.

It is rigorously tested across multiple GPUs, TPUs, CPUs and IPUs. GPU tests run on two NVIDIA P100. TPU tests run on Google GKE TPUv2/3. TPU py3.7 means we support Colab and Kaggle env. IPU tests run on MK1 IPU boxes.