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Build Configuration (Intermediate)

Audience: Users who need to execute commands to configure the machine before a LightningWork runs on it.

Level: Intermediate

When a LightningWork machine starts up in the cloud, it uses a lightweight operating system with essential packages pre-installed. If you need to install additional system packages or run other configuration steps before your code executes on that machine, it is possible to do so by creating a custom BuildConfig:

  1. Subclass BuildConfig:

    from lightning.app import BuildConfig
    class CustomBuildConfig(BuildConfig):
        def build_commands(self):
            return ["sudo apt-get install libsparsehash-dev"]
  2. Set the build config on the LightningWork:

    from lightning.app import LightningWork
    class MyWork(LightningWork):
        def __init__(self):
            # Use the custom build config
            self.cloud_build_config = CustomBuildConfig()
            # Can also be combined with extra requirements
            self.cloud_build_config = CustomBuildConfig(requirements=["torchmetrics"])


  • When you need to execute commands or install tools that require more privileges than the current user has, you can use sudo without needing to provide a password, e.g., when installing system packages.

  • The build config only applies when running in the cloud and gets ignored otherwise. A local build config is currently not supported.


Custom base images are not supported with the default CPU cloud compute. For example:

class MyWork(LightningWork):
    def __init__(self):
     super().__init__(cloud_build_config=BuildConfig(image="my-custom-image")) # no cloud compute, for example default work